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Baby Polies Preschool (45 minutes) 2-3 years old

Structured gymnastics classes for Pre-School children aged 2 – 3 with specialized themes that are loads of fun! This is a great way to encourage the development of a child’s motor skills, balance, coordination.  It’s a confidence-building stepping stone to the next level- Gymnastics for All Programs (3 years and up). These are parent and child sessions, led by a team of qualified staff.

For Preschool schedule, click on the link

Tiny Polies (45 minutes) 3-4 years old

Introduces basic gymnastics skills: team work, strength training, and foundation building. We create different circuits to help our tiny gymnasts work their skills through progressions and activity stations in a fun environment.  Each week is based on a uniquely themed program on a rotational schedule.
For Tiny Polies schedule, click on the link

Kinder Polies (55 minutes) 4-5 years old

Children from 4 to 5 prepare to learn basic gymnastics and work in a group in classes focused on shape, technique and consistency.  This level will build upon progressions learned in previous classes to result in complete skill performance, while also helping to grow confidence and keep participation fun.

For Kinder Polies schedule, click on the link

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